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Periodontics in London

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Gum disease affects thousands of Canadians. If it’s not treated, it can lead to tooth loss and other health problems. Fortunately, gum disease is preventable with good dental hygiene and regular dental examinations. We provide periodontal services to help keep your gums healthy.


Your mouth contains connective tissue, such as the tissue between your lips and your gums. In some cases, especially with children, these tissues can be too tight and can cause pain and discomfort. We treat this by making an incision in the tissue to relieve the tension in a procedure called a frenectomy.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are treatments to remove tartar and other irritants from the roots of your teeth. When your gums become irritated, they become vulnerable to infection, which can lead to gum disease.


When a tooth is badly damaged, or it poses a risk to your other teeth we may recommend extraction. We perform extractions under local anesthetic, and we preserve the remaining socket to prevent post-extraction complications. After we remove the tooth. we’ll discuss your replacement options.

Regular dental examinations help prevent gum infections from occurring. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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